Kutturan Chamoru Performers (KCP) established in 1993, is an award-winning CHamoru dance ensemble dedicated to providing quality “tuition free” cultural dance workshops for children and adults of all ages and levels taught by passionate instructors who truly enjoy sharing their knowledge of the CHamoru culture and heritage. Participants are taught CHamoru dance by learning the language, music and legends of the CHamoru heritage. 

KCP dance classes consist of a proper warm-up, strengthening exercises, CHamoru dance technique across floor progressions, in-language singing/chanting, and a cumulative dance routine which is performed throughout the year. In every class, all participants will have the opportunity to practice individually with experienced lead dancers as well as with the group.  Participants learn in a positive, comfortable, family-oriented environment. They are taught confidence, listening skills, dance etiquette and mutual respect for one another grounded in traditional CHamoru cultural values.        

Unique to KCP, our dancers have the opportunity to perform with a live-band. If you are a singer, play an instrument or would like to learn, we are accepting volunteer band members. The KCP band rehearsals coincide with dance classes.  

Annual performances include:   
Guam Visitors Bureau, LA Times Travel Show (January)  
CHe’lu Chamorro Cultural Festival, San Diego (March)                             
Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach (June)  
Congressional Guam Liberation, Wash D.C. (July)  
Guam Society of America Liberation, Virginia (July)  
PICOC, Huntington Beach (September)  
PIFA San Diego, Ski Beach (September)  
Irvine Global Village, Bill Barber Park, Irvine (September)

Join us for CHamoru dance, song, chant and music every Sunday from 2-5pm at Homeland Cultural Center, 1321 E Anaheim Street, Long Beach, CA. 
KCP workshops are conducted from January through November annually.
*Class schedule subject to change due to holidays and presentation opportunities.*

To inquire about our Performance/Music Workshops: Email: Info@KutturanChamoru.org or Call (562) 972-0969.