KCP - Song and Dance
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Mentoring Our Next Generation
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Cheyenne Angelica Scholarship
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Ta Fan Apatte
Chamoru Immersion Camp
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Navigating Pacific Hearts
Womens Heart Disease
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Ta Hita
Chamoru Language Program
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Mo’na – College & Career

MO’NA – the Chamoru word meaning to be in front, “Mentoring Our Next Achievers” is the name of the newest FREE program offered by Kutturan Chamoru Foundation since 2011. Little did we realize that KCF’s founders had been planting the seeds for this program since inception in 1993 through performances at various Universities, Colleges and scholarship fundraisers for Pacific Islanders.

Cheyenne Angelica Scholarship

Cheyenne Angelica Perez wanted to make the world a better place. She didn’t have grand dreams of curing cancer or ending world hunger. Instead, she believed that her individual effort and love for others could have a positive effect on every person she came into contact with, and that her happiness and positivity would spread contagiously throughout the lives of others.

Ta Fan Apåtte Chamoru Immersion Camp

After over 20+ years of conducting Chamoru dance, language and cultural workshops, Kutturan Chamoru Foundation launched the “1st Annual Ta Fan Apåtte Chamoru Immersion Camp – Let’s Share” on August 4-6, 2015 at California State University, Long Beach. Ta Fan Apåtte Chamoru Immersion Camp, the first of its kind in the Continental US, welcomes participant ages 10 years of age and up. The Immersion Camp includes accommodations and meals for 3 days and 2 nights at the California State University Long Beach dorms and dining hall.

NPH – Women’s heart disease

Navigating Pacific Hearts (NPH) is a program that focused on the #1 killer of women, heart disease. In partnership with Pacific Islander Health Partnership (PIHP), ‘Ainahau O Kaleponi Hawaiian Civic Club (AOKHCC), Empowering Pacific Islander Communities (EPIC), Familia Pe Taha (FPT), Juon Wot Iakwe (JWT), Samoan American Youth of Orange County (SAYOC) and Kutturan Chamoru Foundation (KCF)…

Ta Hita: Chamorro Language Program
Homeland Gamboa Theater

In 2010 with a dream in mind to increase fluent Chamorro speakers, volunteer parents from Kutturan Chamoru Foundation (KCF) created and launched the first Chamorro Language Program in California through advocacy for Early Childhood Education called “Ta Hita – Ta Håtsa I Tinigo’ Åntigu – To uplift the ancient knowledge.